What on earth is vegan haberdashery?


It's a very good question. 

As someone who has knitted, cross-stitched and crafted since a child, upon turning vegan it was a bit of an eyeopener to discover how un-vegan many of my hobbies actually were. 

Its obvious that vegans don't use wool, but the alternatives are a minefield. Cotton isn't a 'clean' crop when it comes to the environment as its very thirsty and uses a disproportionate amount of pesticides - up to 20% of global pesticide use. Then there is the issue of dyes - many dyes contain animal derivatives. The more I investigated, the more I didn't like.

I was also fed up of having to visit multiple websites and ask lots of questions just to get the supplies I needed for one project. It was almost enough to stop me from knitting. 

So I set myself a mission - to create and curate the worlds first vegan haberdashery. A place where there was a choice of ethical, sustainable and cruelty free yarns to choose from - not just a token offering. A place where I could be tools and notions made by manufacturers that cared about their employees and the environment. A place where I could buy something a bit different as whilst I am hurtling towards 50 at a rate of knotts I don't want overtly fussy and lacy patterns to knit with. There is a time and place for kitsch retro - yes I am working on a pineapple tea cosy design but I'd rather wear a slouchy batwing jumper with my jeans and converse...

Also, I wouldn't be here now without the love, help and support of the wonderful people who have contributed to my crowdfunder. You guys made this happen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Sign up for updates as new products will be arriving all the time. I have a wish list that keeps growing and growing as there is so much I want to share. 

Also  coming soon: The Vegan Haberdasher Youtube Channel. How to's, tutorials, product reviews and chats with other crafters. 

Its been one hell of a journey so far and long may it continue!

Peace, love and knitting needles,